Happy Birthday, America!

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Promised the whole gang a sparkling good time this 4th of July? Here are FOUR tips to ensure everyone at your house has a blast this holiday weekend:

1. Don’t wait. Seriously. You’ve got to plan ahead if you want a smooth and easy day. Clean, prep food, gather supplies, and set up your seating areas (ideally in the shade!) up to a day or two before the party. 
2. Shop early. Head first to places like Dollar Tree and Target. At Target, hit up the Dollar Spot—you’ll find some patriotic treasures but again, shop early for the best selection. The kid-friendly trifecta? Water guns, glow sticks, and popsicles. 
3. Pay tribute on the porch. Welcome friends and family with American flags, bunting, and red, white, and blue pillows, wreaths, or doormats. Water guns for the adults won't hurt either. 
4. Bring the festivities inside. Even if you’re hoping to keep guests outdoors, give a nod to the day indoors with a few decorations. Think bathroom, kitchen, and living room. A classic country playlist will only add to the mood, too. 

Happy 4th of July, friends! Remember, at the end of the day, no matter how the festivities go, it is a day to honor our veterans and celebrate our freedom—and that’s something we all can do without any planning ahead at all.